A sCircle represents liquidity in the liquidity pool in the form of an NFT with a ratio of 1:1.
The user can stake sCircle in Pi Protocol Staking Pools to earn staking rewards and there are no limits to how many sCircles that a user can hold and stake.
To exit the Pi Protocol ecosystem, the user can also sell the sCircle back to Pi Protocol for 50% of his or her initial capital or list it on Pi Protocol Open Marketplace for a 5% discount.
The price of a sCircle may fluctuate based on the market price of BNB and PIP token. If the PIP token price drops, the user will have to pay more PIP tokens to buy a sCircle and vice versa if the PIP token price increases.
For educational purposes only:
Conversion Address: 0x679f2f1c88cc0c2424ae3088cb71b35ceaeb02f5 Contract Address: 0x796263Bb5706fE09bCb44514E1525602FcEbEA31
Important Note: sCircle is an ERC-1155 NFT. The user must not attempt to add the contract above to Metamask because Metamask doesn't support ETC-1155 NFTS.
What Is A Liquidity Pool?
A liquidity pool is a pool of assets of equal value. It does not have to be necessarily the same amount and the pool is set up by holders of both assets to provide a way to attain, trade, or use those assets while charging a fee that will be rewarded to the liquidity pool providers.