pBNB - Binance Smart Chain

pBNB is a synthetic BNB token that mints at 1:1 to the Binance Coin (BNB). It functions as a middleman to convert from BNB to PIP token. When a user buys a PIP token with BNB, the Pi Protocol smart contract is actually swapping from BNB to pBNB and then to the PIP token.

This is important to understand because Pi Protocol has a fixed supply of PIP tokens and whenever a transaction occurs within the Pi DEX, 0.5% of the 4.5% transaction fee will be burned or removed from the total circulating supply forever and this will result in increasing the value of PIP token ever so slightly during each transaction.

What Is A Synthetic Token?

A synthetic token is a token pegged 1:1 to BNB.

Contract Address: 0xDf8f094c9DD31EA437b0d08B04C61474538058d2

Important Note: The user must always copy & paste correctly and triple check

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