Welcome to Mintopoly

Mintopoly is a crypto-based universe (a Mintoverse!) with several games, a thriving community, and NFT Playing Cards used in various ways throughout the Mintoverse!

The center of the Mintoverse is the Mintopoly Moon which is the home to our lunar colony. There are 7000 NFT bases that players can purchase with in-game resources. These bases generate one of the 9 different resource types that can ultimately be used for base upgrades, mini-games, and more!

Mintopoly wasn't always on the moon, in fact it began with a different portion of the Mintoverse, the Blockchain Simulator, running since the summer of 2021! This game is essentially an investment simulator, where you build your wealth and reinvest it into more lucrative assets to diversify your portfolio. It showcases a global competition with a round (Campaign) running approximately 1 week each. Top players compete for the chance to earn Token Airdrops & NFTs!

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