Circle NFT Staking Pools

The user can stake sCircle and/or bCircle in different Circle NFT Staking Pools for staking rewards. Each pool will have different staking rewards and Annual Percentage Rate (APR)%. The weekly % is APR / 52 weeks (number of weeks in a year).

The current staking rewards are PI Tokens.

There is a 4.5% transaction fee or tax on every transaction including buys and sells made on the PI Protocol ecosystem and 2% from it goes to Circle NFT Staking pools rewards.

What Is The Difference Between the bCircle Infinite Pool and the Other Normal Pools? bCircle Infinite Pool is infinite. Pi Protocol will manually refill the bCircle Infinite Pool rewards on every Monday using accumulated 2% from the 4.5% tax or transaction fees that were collected from previous week.

Normal pools have their individual APR % with fixed rewards that are allocated for 60 days. It also means that the more people that join the normal pools, the lesser then APR% will be.

Is There Any Limit To How Many sCircles and/or bCircles a user can own?

There is no limit. The user must always remember to keep a 5:1 ratio of sCircle and bCircle.

Important Note:

  • The user must always move the slider to 100% or any exact number during Deposit or else the gas fees will be high

  • There is no other fee for unstaking or withdrawing sCircle and/or bCircle except for gas fees

Important Note: Check out Why Stake bCircles? guide under the Useful Guides section below

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