How To Mint?

Detailed Steps On How To Mint

Step 1: Go to Pi Protocol Open Marketplace (

Step 2: Click on Create NFT

Step 3: Connect the crypto wallet

Step 4: Click on the +Upload your NFT button

Supported File Formats:

All image formats and .MP4

Step 5: Select the Collection under the drop-down menu

Step 6: Fill in the Name, Symbol, Royalty (%), and Links To IP Rights Document (Optional), Description, Attribute Name, Attribute Values, and Unlockable Content

Step 7: Click on the Create NFT button

Step 8: Wait for the NFT to be created

Important Note: The user must carefully check if step 5 details are accurate because the Name and Symbol can never be changed.

The basic information such as Name, Image, and Description can be changed.

Royalty % is also always connected to the wallet that originally mints the NFT.

By using this Create NFT feature, the user must also acknowledge that Pi Protocol owns the public minting contract. It is the same when a user mints on Opensea.

For custom minting contracts - click here


  1. How To Fill In The Attribute Values?

    • It is just a text box and does not convert the whole numbers or decimals to percentages

  2. What is Unlockable Content For?

    • The text here will only be visible to the NFT holders

  3. Which Image Size To Upload?

    • 1000 x 1000 and the max file size is 25MB

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