PiP Staking Pools

The user can stake PIP tokens in different staking pools for staking rewards. Each staking pool will have different staking rewards and Annual Percentage Rate (APR)%. The weekly % is APR / 52 weeks (number of weeks in a year).

The current staking rewards are PIP Tokens.

Important Note:

  • There is also a lock-up duration and an early penalty fee imposed on PiP Staking Pools

  • The duration is defined by the amount of time the user needs to stake their tokens

  • If the user decides to unstake or withdraw before the required amount of time, an early penalty fee of 10% will be imposed on the user

  • The lock-up duration and an early penalty fee were designed to ensure that users stake their tokens for a minimum period of time and to prevent the whales from emptying the pool by staking a huge amount of tokens and then withdrawing suddenly

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