Pi-Protocol - Binance Smart Chain (PIP)

Pi Protocol (PIP) token is the native and main utility token in the Pi Protocol ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. PIP token is used and benefits from every transaction made in the Pi Protocol ecosystem.

There was a total circulating supply of 600,000 PIP tokens when Pi Protocol officially launched in November 2021. The current circulating supply will always change due to burns but the total circulating supply will never exceed 600,000 PIP tokens.

Contract Address: 0x25C30340e6f9f6e521827cF03282943dA00c0ECE

Important Note: The user must always copy & paste correctly and triple check


4.5% Tax or Transaction Fees Including Buys and Sells in the Pi Protocol ecosystem:

  • 2% goes to Staking Rewards - Circle Pool, Infinite Rewards for Circle Holders

  • 1.5% goes to Treasure Hunt Prizes

  • 0.5% goes to Burns and will be removed from circulating supply forever

  • 0.5% goes to Development Funds for further developments

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