The Phoenix

The Phoenix NFT is the next-level of gamification for the Pi Procotol ecosystem that is also related to the upcoming Pi Metaverse World.

How To Get A Phoenix

The player can get a Phoenix by purchasing a lootbox and unboxing it. There will be 47 rarities of Phoenixes to collect and each Phoenix comes with its own benefits.

The Phoenix lootbox contains 3 random Phoenix NFTs, and costs one sCircle and 0.25 BNB.

Phoenix Colors and rarity

The Phoenix base Colors in the rarity system are as the following:

  • Blue — Most Common

  • Purple

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Grey

  • Orange — Most Rare

How to Identify Rarity Levels

Phoenixes have several versions that build upon the base color determined by the tail. Parts of the Phoenix that are of a higher color value increase the rarity and overall value of that Phoenix. The base color is indicated by the tail. The progression of increase in rarity/value is as follows:

  • Rarer Head color

  • Rarer Head, body and inner wing color

  • Rarer Head, body and inner and middle wing color

  • Rarer Head, body and inner and outer wing color

  • Rarer Head, body and inner, middle and outer wing colors

Most Common Level (Basic Blue):

Orange Phoenix:

Orange Phoenix is the rarest among all Phoenixes and there is only a 0.5% chance to get them. Orange Phoenixes (Tails) can be used in the Pi Metaverse World.

The Math:

Rarity can be calculated using a point-based system. The colors determine the Point value of a Phoenix. The color values/rarity are as follows: Blue: 250 Pts, Purple: 500 Pts, Yellow: 1000 Pts, Green: 2000 Pts, Grey: 3000 Points, Orange 5000 Points.

The tail is worth the full value of its color, while other additional components add 10% of the value of their color.

Example 1: Points for the Blue Phoenix illustrated above are calculated as follows:

  • Head and Beak = 10% of 250 ( Blue value) = 25

  • Body and Inner Wings = 10% of 250 ( Blue value) = 25

  • Middle Wings = 10% of 250 ( Blue value) = 25

  • Outer Wings = 10% of 250 ( Blue value) = 25

  • Full Wings = 10% of 250 ( Blue value) = 25

Total score = 250 (full Blue value for blue tail)+ 125 Points = 375 Points for the most common version.

Example 2: Points for the Green/Grey Phoenix illustrated below are calculated as follows:

  • Head and Beak = 10% of 3000 ( Grey value) = 300

  • Body/Inner Wings = 10% of 3000 ( Grey value) = 300

  • Middle Wings = 200 (10% of 2000 ( Green value) = 300)

  • Outer Wings = 10% of 3000 ( Grey value) = 300

  • Full Wings = 0 (not applicable)

Total score= 2000 (Full Green value for green tail) + 1100 Points. = 4,200 Points

To make it easier, you will find the rarity level within the Metadata:

The Utility

The Pi Phoenix NFT Collections comes with 2 Utilities:

  1. As soon as we have reached a specific level of sales, we will release the first staking pools, where you will be able to stake your Phoenix NFTs. The higher the point total of the staked Phoenix NFT, the more rewards you will receive in Form of PI Token. We will also release “Challenge Pools”, where you have to combine different Colors and rarity levels to get extra rewards.

  2. Gamification within the Metaverse, means that all Phoenix with an Orange Tail will be utilized within the Pi Metaverse Game. The Player can use the Phoenix to fly around as well as to use them to fight against Dragons to claim rare Treasure Hunt NFTs.

The Collection itself will be extended over time, which means we will release new Phoenix versions, as per 3d rigged and more rare Phoenix Version within the next weeks on top of the first release.

Business Layer Contract

A business layer contract is defined as a smart contract that reads the rarity levels from the NFTs on-chain and assigns the respective points for the NFTs.

This business layer contract is modular and can be adjusted at any time. This allows Pi Protocol to expand the collection of Phoenixes with different and new rarity levels and points without having to do additional development work and also allows us to modify the staking combinations.

Points System

The points system assigned by the Business Layer Contract will be used for staking contracts to create staking pools for these Phoenixes.

Staking rewards will be based on this point system. The higher your Phoenix point is, the higher your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) % will be.

The Business Layer Contract also allows Pi Protocol to create custom multipliers for the staking rewards.

Example: if you own a blue and grey Phoenix, we can add this combination as a campaign to earn more rewards.

Temple of Helios

Temple of Helios is the other name for the Phoenix Staking Pool where the player can stake his or her Phoenixes to earn staking rewards. The Temple of Helios also known as the Temple of the Sun was the place where Phoenixes buried their eggs so that new phoenixes can be reborn.

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